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R.I.P. my Friend

Born Feb 23, 2005

Passed away April 29, 2016

Micky was our pride and joy! 

As smart a dog as I have ever seen, he was a great guard dog, friend and a constant source of entertainment.

It is VERY doubtful, as these photos show, that Micky was the "purebred" Cocker Spaniel we bought and paid for!

The breeder has failed to provide papers after 11 years.  They also had all of their animals seized by the Fredericton SPCA about 2 months after we bought Micky

FWIW and without naming names, they are located near Harvey Station, NB and regularly advertise Cocker Spaniel puppies in the Daily Gleaner.

Despite being "mislead" by the "breeder/puppy mill operator" we wouldn't have traded him for the world!

Click on images below for a larger version.

At 8 weeks

At 13 1/2 weeks

At 5 months

At 6 months

At 8 1/2 months

At 12 months

(before and after his very first trip to the groomer)

At 16 months

Fresh from the groomer!

At 21 Months

Micky with his best friend Simon (sadly Simon succombed to liver cancer)


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  Last updated: July 9, 2016

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